Happy Calm (?) Coffee

July 23, 2021 (+) / 3:21 p.m. / Right now, I have a lot of energy. I am watching over my grandmother’s apartment while she and her daughters—my mother and my aunt—travel to the mountains.

Maybe it’s the coffee, but I am super positive. Too positive. I feel like there is pure energy beneath my skin. I want to read everything in the world; I want to write everything in the world; I want to call everyone up and talk for hours; I want to edit all the law firm press releases in the world (I’m currently working virtually, and there is downtime).

I spoke with my friend in India about my mental issues. He theorizes I may have bipolar or schizotypal personality disorder, though I am not going to self-diagnose. That would be rash. Rather, I am going to continue taking my Wellbutrin, because it helps with my depression and anxiety.

Song/Mood: “Somewhat Damaged” by Nine Inch Nails

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A #MH log, where I document my experiences. May this blog be a tool for research. + (good days); - (bad days); [] (a mix, with one being more than the other).